THEKI® - healing the root in your subconsciousness

THEKI®  - is literally THE KEY to our conciousness. It is a energy healing method for healing and transforming traumatic memories, limiting beliefs, clearing your field and overcoming personal roadblocks of any sort.  
We all carry certain social conditions, beliefs, trauma and emotional wounds even from our ancestors or past lives still in our cells as information which purpose it is to protect us from making these experieces again. Unfortunately this mechanism is blocking our evolution and keeping us stuck in fear. Theki is wonderful for peeling back the layers we put on out of fear, transmuting those memories that keep us stuck. The more we “detox” those old programs the more we experience our innate joy and radiance, raise our frequency and come into alignment with our true self. During traumatic experiences we split off parts of ourselves, so we go through life fragmented which can play out in various forms, physical or mental illnesses, feeling pulled into different directions, experiencing resistance to the things we know are good for us, or self-sabotage. If we heal all those traumas we literally become whole again and come into alignment with our purpose in life, experience a deeper connection to ourselves, our intuition and truth. 
Because all these things are often deeply subconscious we can struggle for years and not get the results we want with traditional methods. THEKI® works by accessing the subconsciousness through a theta brainwaves state, thus making it easy to bring about true changes. When I'm tapped in I can see the origin of an issue, a trauma, belief, program or energetic implant that is blocking you or can rebalance and harmonize things.

Unlike with other methods all our senses can be involved, you will understand your pain or your issues better, which I personally always find very healing in and of itself.                  I communicate with you during the session, while I'm the one facilitating the release, this is team work and we can only clear what you are ready to see and shed. 
I also show people how to use this technique themselves.

Most people report an immediate shift after a session and feeling more clear, some people cry during a session, some may have some emotions come after to still process consciously after, or have deeper realizations, often things that were deeper down can now also come up when the first layers are peeled back, especially I’ve you’re on this journey of fully liberating yoursel and purging a lot for your ancestoral lineage too.
How it plays out is different for each person, and I’m always here to support you with your process. I’m in contact with most of my clients on social media, so feel free to follow and message me there if you like for support.

I highly recommend this technique for really any problems from feeling stuck, repetitive patterns in life like attracting the same relationship problems all the time, self-sabotage, lack of joy and drive in life, physical, emotional or mental problems. 

Session can be had in English and German.

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