I’m Daniela, I’m a Holistic Health and Consciousness Coach, currently based in south-west Germany.


The whole story of how I got here is really unusual and complicated, I will make a video on it some time.
But all you need to know for now is that I have been on a journey of awakening and healing myself since 2012. It started out with a deep dive into raw food, which evoked my passion for healthy eating and nutrition. Yet I was still facing chronic health challenges for years, such as gut issues, depression, brain fog, fatigue, chronic skin problems, food intolerance which led me to experiment and learn a lot through my mistakes, eventually finding what I believe to be the common denominators for all chronic health issues on the physical level as well as understanding our subconscious imprints and emotions that may be expressed through the physical body and how to resolve them.
I worked out my way towards health addressing mind, body and soul, birthing the concept of #detoxyourlife into this world as a means to return to our natural state of health and joy.

This work is not just a business to me, much more so I’m living my calling and mission to bring more light onto this planet, to help people become the conscious creators of their life and health rather than being victims to their unconscious patterns and what the world is feeding us.
It’s time to become empowered, take matterns into our own hands and recreate this reality.

If this is talking to you I’d love to support you on your path. Feel free to schedule a session or connect with me on social media, where I share a lot of insights and information for free. Aside from one one one session I frequently offer group programs and webinar. Check my fb page for more info on those or pm me. https://www.facebook.com/Detoxyourlifecoaching/

(Consulations and Coaching available in both English and German ;)).

Love & Light,




  • 11/2014 I was certified by the Akadamie der Naturheilkunde as “Fachberater für holistiche Gesundheit” (Holistic Nutritionist) (great basic nutrition program in German)

  • 1/2016 I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach (biggest nutrition school online, large unbiased scope, great for learning coaching)

  • 10/2017 I became certified as a Theki practioneer, an energy healing technique for healing trauma and changing limiting beliefs, and expanding consciousness.

  • But most importantly: 7 years of self study, experience through my own challenges and tons of shadow work, I like to say that life is every healer’s initiation. ;)

I highly recommend and endorse all of these programs, if you are interested in any of them I am more than happy to answer your questions! Just send me an email.