8 weeks Deep DiVE

This program is designed to help you step into your power and clear everything that is holding your back from living your best life

I will help you detox emotionally, mentally and physically so you can let your true light shine, and experience the joy, clarity, freedom and empowerment you need to live your purpose. 

On the physical level we will detox with Advanced TRS (hands down the easiest and safest way to detox heavy metals and other toxins), work with diet and find out how you can support your body optimally in a way that is right for YOU. You will learn the key elements to keep your body healthy.

On the mental level, you will experience clarity about your past, present and future and develop the mind-set to support your highest vision.

On the emotional level we will heal deep seated trauma from childhood, ancestors, and past lives, and help you work through triggers in your life.

We will clear anything from your subconscious that is keeping you stuck in pain and limitation.

I will guide you through your journey, help you bridge the spiritual and physical world.

I work with a unique and highly effective energy healing technique called Theki, other modalities as needed, all the experience and knowledge I gained on my journey and through my studies (anything from supplement to flower essences to fit your needs), my intuition and being your unwavering support. 

This program is designed to lift the weights of your shoulders that you have (knowingly or unknowingly) carried, help you establish a deep connection to yourself, stand in your power, be free to live the life you want and know how to deal with struggles. 

8 x 1,5 h skype sessions

If you are sick and tired of struggeling, being alone with your issues and are ready to HEAL, EVOLVE and THRIVE,


Go here to fill out a short application                         and we'll get on a 30 min call to get to know each other and find out if this is a good fit.   


Why traditional methods often fail:

  • They are working only on a mind level and fail to bring about change for deep seated subconscious issues
  • They are just covering up symptoms
  • They just teach you how to cope but not how to actually heal the root
  • They seem to work short-term and you soon find yourself stuck with similar problems
  • they are based on delusional spiritual advice, that is looking at life from a higher dimension but denying your pain and where you are really at right now

This is for you if you:

  • struggle with all kinds of ascension and awakening symptoms
  • know you are here to lead not follow but are still confused about your path
  • know you are a powerful creator but don't know how to fully utilize it
  • want to set yourself free from the past, limiting beliefs, collective conditioning, energetic implants
  • are ready to live in the vibration of love instead of fear but can't seem to transcend it
  • are often stuck in low vibrations even though you know you there is so much more available
  • can't overcome your emotional pain and feel like you're going in circles

This is NOT for you if you are

  • Not willing to face your fears and your ego structures
  • blaming other people or the outside for circumstances in your life
  • Not willing to commit to this path, that can be unsettling and bring up deep seated emotions or unexpected changes in your life
  • Not willing to let go of things in your life that are holding you back
  • Only relying on other people for answers