The ultimate goal - Soul Embodiment

Part 1: Why your physical body is a key

We didn't come here to experience our souls by themselves, to get out of our bodies,

we came here to experience what it is like to be IN a body.

This is the game we play because we so desire to in-carnate, experience ourselves in physical form. Recently when I connected to my higher self I could literally feel that there is no greater joy and desire than to be fully embodiment in my physical vessel.


Why then would anyone not want to understand how the body works, why would anyone not want to take care of their vessel? Why would anyone not want to make this home we have here THE most habitable, enjoyable place for your soul to reside in?


Most people only have a small part of their souls actually in their bodies. (Side note: this is different from being grounded; being grounded has to do with how much life force energy/prana is flowing through your body, which relates to how open or closed your chakras are, though that system will become obsolete at some point).

Our souls are on such a high vibration, for it to be able to fully wholly come into your vessel you need to purge all lower frequencies out of your system, the process of soul embodiment is the process of purification on all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically.

There are basically three core things that keep us from being able to fully reside in our physical vessel:

Ego programs, trauma/unprocessed emotions and toxins (in the broadest sense, I will just keep saying toxins here for simplification purposes, more specifically this could be all kinds of things from heavy metals, pesticides, nano particles, acid waste, mucus or even pathogens and more).


Ego programs are the first thing to release. This is about your willingness to completely surrender to your soul’s essence, to divine guidance, to higher consciousness and live your unique soul purpose. Whenever your ego jumps in and has the lead it will block you from deeper soul embodiment.

Learning to surrender is one of the most crucial steps and it is usually the first thing we have to master. This is usually how everyone’s spiritual journey starts, with the realization that you are guided, that you want to put your soul in charge, that there is something bigger and more meaningful to life, that you are part of a greater whole, that you want to be of service.

Unfortunately, this is where many people stop too.

The next steps are really about doing the deep work, and this is where things will become more uncomfortable but where you really start to unlock your power.  That’s not to say that we are done with the ego at some point, hell no, especially when we make big shifts the ego’s resistance is likely to come up again in and surrendering is forever part of this path. Yet in the next stages we are moving deeper into our own creative power to take matters into our own hands. The next phase requires our active participation.

This part is what I consider the healing journey to be, this is about transmuting trauma/emotional healing and detoxing/physical health.

Trauma and toxins go hand in hand.

For your body to actually hold on to toxins in the first place there must be a certain amount of unprocessed emotions in your body, and a lack of minerals on the physical level.  Yet this is the reality for all of us, even if you had the most perfect birth experience and childhood you still came in with a certain amount of ancestral cellular memories.

You likely grew up on a standard diet with a lot of sugar and processed foods, aka a lack of minerals, and the more “civilized” we became the more we also disconnected from nature and many grew up with a lack of access to real nature, wilderness, or walking barefoot, which would have helped our bodies to rebalance the minerals and support the immune system.

The more unprocessed trauma and emotions we have pilled up on this planet the more toxic, and the less nutritious our food became, the more common it became to ingest and inject all kinds of toxins into ourselves, often in the name of medicine, yet we became sicker with each generation. Everything we created outside is simply a reflection of our internal states.

Toxins and ego programs keep the trauma locked in.

Both toxins and unprocessed emotions keep the body locked into the lower vibrations, and thus your soul unable to go deeper into your body.

When your soul is fully in your body, your body would instantly start to heal (notice I say *start to* not heal... because physical healing takes some time, because it depends on clearing out everything in your system that does not belong, true physical healing can never be instant, and it can never happen through just taking a pill, and true health is way more than the absence of disease).  

When we only have a small percentage our soul force available to our bodies, physical healing is much more difficult. Yet for someone who is willing to evolve and ready to do the work, healing is always possible, and for such a being there are no true limits.

So often when I talk about what I'm experiencing with my body, when I talk about toxins and parasites, I can feel people tuning out.
Back when I first started eating raw vegan I know it triggered at lot of people around me, and everyone thought is was so extreme. Is it really extreme to eat food in its natural state? Or is the world simply backwards?

Why do people so often resist working on the physical? And by that I do not mean just throwing supplements in, I mean actually cleansing your body, which starts with letting go of certain "foods". Why do we have such a hard time of letting go of foods that don't serve us or fasting for a few days?

Because food helps us to mask how we really feel, it is our greatest addiction

When you really work on detoxing the physical body there is no hiding no more.

We can pretend to work through our emotions, and instead bypass them, we can deceive ourselves with our thoughts. But when you actually detox physically everything you have suppressed is bound to come up. There is nowhere to hide.


The more we move towards soul embodiment the more we naturally want to let go of the denser heavier foods such as animal products, or cooked foods, the more we start to naturally sustain ourselves through prana.

Yet, even despite being drawn to it, some people have a harder time with these shifts than others, which has absolutely nothing to say about their level of consciousness, more so with a person’s starting point of how much toxins and trauma they carry, genetic make up, as well as their personal journey and blueprint. Noone is better or worse here, it is just important to understand that we are evolving and the more you tune into your body and your soul the more you can work in alignment with what is right for you in each moment, no dogma, no rules.

There are certain steps on the physical level that anyone can do, steps that may push people outside their comfort zone but will in the end only be benefical. Other deeper steps may require us to be ready on all levels, and/or require some knowledge on how to conduct so that they are actually productive.


Some examples of steps for your physical body that most people can easily implement for positive progress:  

Eating real, unprocessed foods only, eating all organic, drinking purified, structured water; cutting out sugar, alcohol, dairy, refined oils, wheat, toxic house hold and personal care products, such as make up, toothpaste, etc. Incorporating more raw foods and greens, intermittent fasting, drinking herbal teas for liver and kidney support, paying attention to food combining, eating only in a calm state, mindfully and slowly; colonics, a gut cleanse, baths with epsom salt and sodium bicarbonate, energetic rebalancing of your body through various methods, seeing a chiropractioneer,…  

All of these steps are essential starting points.

Many other practices are more advanced and when implemented prematurely or without proper guidance these steps could actually bring up too much all at once or even backfire. Striping down ourselves and our bodies from what it was used to work with, will reveal all our weaknesses, emotionally and/or physically. Sometimes that could just be a healing crises, other times it’s actually not productive.

Unfortunately we see this a lot happen nowadays, one of the more popular examples of this would be someone who goes on a fruit based diet, or even just a vegan diet and experiences many issues. Their body wasn’t necessarily ready for these drastic changes, even though others are thriving on them. It’s the same with long term fasts.

Whenever we start to detox in the broadest sense, unfortunately it can happen in a way that is unproductive and disconnects us further.

Instead of detoxing heavy metals you can literally re-toxify yourself, you could be pulling the toxins out of your cells only to dumb them somewhere else (when using herbs like chlorella or cilantro this can happen).

Instead of clearing parasites you could be triggering them to release toxins without actually ridding yourself of them.

Instead of cleansing your body you could instead be malnourishing yourself.

All of these things are the equivalent of re-traumatizing yourself. In severe cases of this your soul likely further disconnects from your body, just like during trauma. The vibrational state you put yourself in during these states is too low, celluar memories could be reactivated, you can actually feel like reliving trauma if there is a trauma you consciously remember from this lifetime. If there is nothing you can remember you might just feel numb and disconnected or it will show up through physical symptoms.

If this happens it is essential to take a step back from what you did and work through the emotional layers, the more you transmuted the trauma in your body the easier it will be to make the deeper physical shifts.

(More on retoxification and re-traumatization in the next article, it’s something I have experienced A TON but thankfully I managed to remain open after being broken over and over again, this is why I can now bring forth this important, often overlooked information.)


The essential difference we have to learn is in whether you are working WITH your body or whether you are trying to implement things on the outside with your mind, through force, or lack of knowledge, or maybe according to someone else’s scrip or process versus actually tuning into your own soul and body and understanding YOUR next steps. It requires brutal honesty, self awareness and integrating our shadow aspects, to always do what is in our highest greatest good in every moment, even if it is not easy and makes us uncomfortable. We need to learn the difference of discomfort due to growing pains and discomfort due to retraumatization. We need to learn to be gentle with ourselves without giving in to our ego programs. We are not seeking to kill ourselves and our joy in the process, we are seeking to truly come to life. ;)

It does not matter where we stand at the moment. What matters is that we are attuned to our own bodies and souls and following their lead, not our egos and also not other people. Learning to trust ourselves again is a huge part of the process.

True productive detoxification on all levels is an ART. It is a dance between working through the emotional, mental and physical layers. This process is a going to be a little bit unique for everyone, because everyone has their unique weak spots, their unique emotional wounds and their unique DNA and soul blueprint.

The ultimate goal is soul embodiment. This is what ascension is all about. It's actually a descension into the body that will increase the vibration of this physical reality. (If people focused even just half as much as they focus on shifting dimension on working with their physical vessels we would actually get there way faster :-D ). And I believe this is where ascension symptoms come from, they are really detox symptoms and they don’t have to be endured but can be navigated if you learn to work with your physical body.

There is no embodying higher consciousness unless all our bodies, physically, emotionally and mentally are purified. This is what it takes to create heaven on earth. This is our journey, this is our work and the reward is infinitely greater than we could wrap our heads around. It’s nothing to do with the outside, though the outside will reflect it back to us, it is that feeling of being completely one with your soul, that deep joy and fulfillment that will weave through everything we do and create.
#detoxyourlife #heal #evolve #thrive ;)

Humanity’s autoimmune disease, healing, and the end of the parasitic system

"There needs to be this immune response, that has been suppressed, we need to active it, to start to clear out this illness. (...) And if you think of how common autoimmune diseases are right's like our collective immune system is attacking itself right now and we need to correct that." Simon Esler (link to the podcast episode at the end)

As within so without.
I heard Simon talk about this in a podcast in regards to what is going on on the planet and it hit me to the core, it’s completely on point, and it is what sparked the first idea to write this blog post.

What we usually perceive as illness is actually the body’s way of trying to heal, it’s that immune response that leads to our symptoms of fever, running nose and all these things that we call “illness”. They are not the illness, the illness is what was going on in the body long before that response, the symptoms are the body’s way of clearing things out that caused issues.

This is what is what is going on in our reality.

We are in a healing process collectively. Our immune system has been activated. People think it’s getting worse, when really it’s just all coming to the surface to be cleared.

The same thing was happening in my life.
I thought I had gotten very sick, when I started suffering from all these symptoms that I didn’t have before but for a big part my body was trying to heal itself from years of toxicity and lifetimes of trauma on this planet… There was simply no tolerance anymore. That was it, it all needed to go. I had asked for it, I had set this intention, I wanted to free myself, this was the process, the process was through facing the shadows and darkness to transmute anything not in resonance with the life that I wanted, with the new earth we are creating.

Your body is a a self healing organism. We all know this from when we cut ourselves and the wound heals itself. The earth is a self healing organism too, and it is the earth that started to awaken us with raising her vibration, for things to start to come to the surface.

Here is the issue:  There are two main systems in our body that the body needs to heal itself, our detoxification system and our immune system.
What happens if both of them are impaired, misdirected, overburdened, and confused?


This is where many people are stuck today with their chronic health issues. The two main system of our bodies are often compromised, this is why many easy, natural ways of healing do not work for everyone like they used to back in the day, our issues have become chronic.
Unless we heal what is at the core of these impairments, unless we rebalance these two systems there is little change of ever truely healing as opposed to symptom control.

Many people with autoimmune issues feel better on a paleo or even carnivore style diet. That is because these diets suppress the symptoms. They put your body from the “attack” states of the immune system which are misdirected ways of the body trying to heal, back into a state “compliance”, non-reactivity. This can be helpful for some for a while if someone is suffering, but this is not true permanent healing. For true healing we need to get to the core. For true healing we need to clear out all the toxicity that we have accumulated on ALL levels, that includes trauma, subconscious cellular memories and beliefs, and physical toxicity like heavy metals, glyphosate and other toxic substances we have accumulated.  
And it also includes rebalancing your system and organs, bringing your body back into a natural state of peace and love. This includes healing the relationship to your body, as our bodies learned to mistrust us. As you can imagine how your body feels from being treated as if it just needs to serve you, holding all your emotions, doing the best it can to deal with all the crap we have fed it while  we didn’t give a hot damn about what its true needs are. Well, it’s about time we realize the amazing work our bodies are doing and truly honor and care for it. We couldn’t’ be here without our physical vessels.

And this is where we are stuck collectively too. Our collective immune system and detoxication has become impaired. People are confused because we have lived within this darkness and suppression for thousands of years. Lies have been sold to us so long until we collectively completely lost touch for the truth and for who we really are. For a long time we were simply compliant, we just tolerated all of it.
But many have started to wake up and activate this immune response, that is what Simon Elser talked about.
The problem is just that through our confusion, this immune response is often misdirected against our own, just like during an autoimmune condition.


I look at the people who are attacking those that try to do good for humanity right now as those immune cells that have a misdirected response towards their own body as in an autoimmune disease.
What is driving this confusion and misdirection of the cells?

It is as simple as that. Toxicity in form of heavy metals and all kinds of substances that do not belong into our bodies, and toxicity on the mental level in form of be-lie-fs and programming we have been brainwashed with. Toxicity is what disconnects us from the truth, toxicity keeps us stuck in illusion.

The process of detoxification is the process of transmuting the toxins into something that our body can clear through our digestive tracks, that is the job of the liver. On the emotional level the liver is holding all our held up anger and resentment. If we wake up from this maxtrix, anger is something we all need to process and move through. And beneath the anger there is deeper pain of how we have been wronged.

The process of energetic healing is transmutation of the emotions, cellular memories and beliefs that cloud our ability to think freely for ourselves, that cloud our direction to live our true purpose as a part of the larger whole working in harmony together to clear out the illness that had befallen this planet. When we heal our trauma, forgiveness is a byproduct and it is that forgiveness that truely frees us all from karma, thus gives way to a new reality without suffering.

What is this illness? This illness is a disconnection from the love and light that we are at our core.


The mayor players in this illness is psychopathic/parasitic organism. These organisms have taken over the planet. They are in service to self, living on our costs, we pay for their wealth, many of us suffer, they used to thrive.
They are clouding us with toxicity on purpose to be tolerated and to even be defended by those that are to disconnected or mindcontrolled, without many even realizing it.

Parasites use heavy metals to turn of immune cells in certain areas in the body to be tolerated.

Everything that was going on in my body is mirrored on the outside.
Everything that is going on in each of us is mirrored on outside.

This is why our personal healing journey IS THEY KEY to FREEING and HEALING humanity.

Only when I started to look and see the darkness did I develop clarity and discernment.

“Immunity is distinguishing self from other”

Many people attack their fellow human beings and those that try to fight evil, not realizing we are on the same side. We have been taken over by parasitic, self serving, greedy organisms, we have been taught black is white and white is black, only when we start to unravel the subconscious programs, when we start to clear the toxicity out of our cells can we see the truth clearly again. Only then can we see who is on our side and who is just using others for their benefit.

Parasites do not really want to kill their host. They depend on their host. The dark forces on this planet need us, they feed on us, on our lower emotions, and literally exploit people. Slavery is not just a thing from the past, human trafficking is among the biggest businesses on this planet, and only now is it coming to light how extremely horrific and prevalent these things are that have been running and thriving behind the scenes through our ignorance and blindfolding.

These people are in this for their desire of power and control.
If we stand up and take back our power, they have lost.


Parasites do not seek to kill their hosts like pathogens, but they can harbor pathogens, so that they can harm and weaken them as needed to continue to be tolerated by the immune system. The goal is always to be in charge of the host, yet never detected.
Mostly what they do is take our nutrients and excrete their waste. It’s mostly their waste and a lack of nutrients that makes us sick, if we have symptoms. Many people who are infected do not have severe syptoms, just like many people in this matrix believe they are doing just fine, and never really question their reality, they never wake up from the illusion. But symptoms are actually a good sign, they are a sign that your body is aware of the issues, it is getting out of compliance and is trying to heal and clear things out.

It’s getting worse before it gets better.

One of the lies we’ve been led to believe is that healing is about taking a pill, that something in your body is broken and someone or something else will fix it.
Nothing could be further from the truth, your body is never broken, and a pill or another person cannot fix it. True healing has not much to do with what you take in, but everything to do with what your clear out and let go of - toxicity on all levels.

And as long as the parasites are there some of the toxic waste is never ending, and you’ll always have to share your income/food. ;)

You could be eating the cleanest food and drinking the cleanest water, if you don’t get rid of the source of the problem within you can never fully get on top of the toxic burden.

This again is where many many people are stuck with their chronic illness. We do so much and seem to be getting nowhere. It’s a vicious cycle I was personally stuck in for a long time.
I had periods of feeling better, often believing in the illusion that things were over and healed, when at the core it kept replaying and would just flare up again and again over the years, because the source of the toxicity, the parasites were still there and because first my detoxication system and then my immune system was compromised. It wasn’t until I started to also adress the emotional aspects, doing energetic work, that I started to slowly improve and eventually gain more clarity about what was going on and what this journey was about.

Parasites control the hosts behavior, thoughts, eating habits, cravings…. exactly like everything on this planet, the media, Hollywood, the politicians and big corporations are controlling humanity, but they have also been controlled by dark forces higer up. Those that we think are on top are also just puppets of more evil behind the scenes.

Becoming conscious of our behavior and patterns is the first step to freeing ourselves and taking back our power, the same way becoming conscious and waking up to the darkness on this planet is the first step to not participating in the injustice and evil.

I have come across the topic of parasites multiple times: first I was in denial, later I know I read books where they were mentioned yet somehow never considered it had something to do with me, even though I had been told before. Then again I was told they were an issue when I hit one of my deepest points of suffering, this time it really hit home for the first time and I did something about it for 6 weeks and then again deceived myself into thinking I was done and they were gone to never come back again. Aside from the fact that the people assisting me at the time didn’t understand the topic well enough to give me the guidance that was needed, I also didn’t study much on the subject like I usually do with everything in regards to health, but I was disgusted and didn’t want to dig deeper. (Just like everyone else still living in the “ignorance is bliss” world)
I felt better for a bit, but most of my issues continued, I forgot about parasites again.

I don’t usually forget about things I go through or that I learned on my health journey, this is very very strange and it is very clear to me now that was part of their influence on our minds.
Luckily the last time they showed up as a test result I was finally ready to understand and learn more, simply because this time around I was on a completely different state of consciousness and vibration, I had done enough deep soul work and trauma healing and I was ready to fully free myself.

It is no coincidence that so many people are doing a parasite cleanse right now that we are also in a cleaning process of this entire old system on earth.

But this is not where the story ends, look, I’m not here to put the blame on the parasites, just like I am not here to blame the dark forces.

We have to recognize that both the dark forces and parasites in our bodies are NOTHING without us, they cannot exist without us.
You can get rid of parasites but if you didn’t do the work to actually clear what is creating them in the first place and changing your internal terrain to be inhabitable for them they will just come back.

This means that although we could be blaming all our problems on them, we ultimately have to realize that we created them, we fed them, we allowed them to stay.

We believed their lies, we believed that we are just small, that we need to worship a God outside of ourselves, that we are worthless human beings, that we need someone to rule over us.

Do you know there are people who say these things about parasites: THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU, they help you digest your food, you need them, the are beneficial.

Now, in some ways they could be right, parasites can help you digest food if you eat meat, because they love death and decay. Our good gut bacteria on the other hand, their food source is raw plant fibre. Now why do you think many people nowadays have a problem with digesting fiber: because there is a lack of beneficial bacteria in their gut.
The issues are within. The issues are the toxicity and antibiotics that have destroyed our microbiom, and the inflammation and mucus that we deal with as a result. If we restore our digestive system we can digest everything that our body needs from plants and just perfectly without parasites, with our team of good gut bacteria, those we live with in symbiosis not parasitism.

The dark forces on this planet are here to help us see our shadows, everything outside of us AND inside of our bodies is only a mirror to what goes on in our subconsciousness, to all the trauma and karma we have accumulated over the thousands of years on this planet.
Maybe you look at many things in this current system as beneficial because you don’t know how we could do without it. We learned to depend on many things because it seems like this is all we know.

There are many people believing the same thing as people believe about parasites about the current parasitic system: “The government is WORKING FOR US, they just try to protect us, we need them, it doesn’t work any other way, someone will always lose, we need the monetary system, we cannot all be abundant, that’s just the way things are… we need monoculture farming or we will starve, there is not enough for everyone, etc…”

This is low consciousness thinking. This is not divine truth. This is lies we were brought up believing generation after generation out of FEAR.

This fear is an illusion.


Because if we put an end to this abuse, they are done.

They are just trying to survive on our costs.
This is about taking back our power.

At the end of the day, everything in this entire existence just wants to evolve.

When you stop letting others feed on you, including parasites, that is when you invite them energetically to become self sustaining.

By putting an end to this abuse you are doing the most loving thing for all involved. You saying no, means they have to find another way.

Imagine every being on this planet would reject parasites, every being on this planet would reclaim their worth and power to be self responsible.

Parasites would be forced to evolve or die out.

This is going to take many more decades, but this is were we are going. As within so without.

We have entered a new cycle of light on this planet.

We are freeing ourselves from a parasitic system and thus from all forms of lower consciousness on this planet. Humanity is ascending into higher states of consciousness and self sustainability through our connection to source, through bringing more of our soul/higher selves into our bodies.


Everything has a purpose, you can’t get rid of dark forces with pure force. Parasites both physically and energetically will not leave until you recognize what they are mirroring back to you. They will not leave if you hold on to shame and guilt, if you keep accumulating toxins and if you keep feeding them sugar.
This is about you being FULLY READY to FREE yourself, FORGIVE, INTEGRATE all your shadow aspects, TRANSCEND ALL PERCIEVED LIMITATIONS and live in HARMONY and SYNERGY with all of creation.

Freeing ourselves inside and out is not just glitter and gold, hell no, IT IS ABOUT TAKING 1000 % RESPONSIBILITY for all our thoughts and emotions and everything we project out there, as all of it is creating this reality.

It’s about clearing out your digestive system and body and restoring balance within.  

Do you see how the parasites are only a secondary issues to the toxins and waste we have accumulated within as well as our fragmented shadow aspects.

This is not a 3 week cleanse program. You can start with a cleanse, but this detoxification and healing we are going through collectively is a process.
A process of truly freeing ourselves ON ALL LEVELS.

Hardly anyone in this day and age has experienced what true health feels like, we have been born into the dark age, and it’s about time we find our way back to the light through clearing out and transforming everything that does not belong, to experiences true health.

This is a journey from self neglect to self care, from self hate to self love, from servive to self to service to others. From parasitism to symbiosis.

We all are where we are right now for a reason. There is no point in trying to be somewhere we are not, there is no point in pushing and forcing impatiently.  Whatever you try to implement purely from the outside is likely not going to last.
True healing and transformation always has to come from deep within. Evolution is a natural process, we have to learn to surrender and work with the intelligence of this creation. All the answers are literally within your DNA.

The goal is to bring back balance to the system, namely balance between the divine masculine and feminine.
We need the strong protective masculine force, that puts up a boundary and puts an end to this abuse, but we also need the feminine wisdom of surrender, going within and embracing everything we feel to transform it.
We are invited to mastering both in perfect harmony.

This is the path. There is nowhere to go but to progress in this process every single day, develop awareness, connect to your emotions to heal them, talk to your body, put your soul back in the driver’s seat of your life, set your intentions, breathe deeply, let your words and actions be guided by love and courage.

This is the process of remembering who we truly are, remembering the light and love that created us, and embodying that, bringing that down into our vessels with every breath and every day a bit more.

In deep gratitude that I get to be of service to the source consciousness that created us all,


PS: I like to share with you also this absolutely brilliant article from Lisa Renee that talks about this parasitic system in more detail:

And here is the link to the podcast with Simon Elser:


The first thing to give up when you want to change anything in your life

The solution to your problem is always outside of what you currently know and do and have experienced in the past. You cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results. But I get it, breaking our habits is hard and sometimes breaking our beliefs that keep us in the loop and stuck in the old ways is even harder. Because the thing is, we don’t even realize what it is that is keeping us stuck. We are not even aware of all the ways we subconsciously sabotage ourselves, opposing the very things that could be the solution to our problem if we only dared to get over ourselves. 

Sometimes to actually change we need a revolution. And the first thing we need to revolutionize is our mind. We need to open up to new possibilities, even things we are opposed to. It doesn’t mean that we will have to take them on but we need to be open to the possibilities if we want to keep growing. In order to do that we have to give up our need to be right. We have to stop claiming that things cannot be different.  

This is always the first thing that keeps holding us back – essentially our ego, because we may just have based our identity and values on our current knowledge and how life currently is, making it often impossible for something different to show up.

Didn’t we all at some point want to scream at the person who was trying to present us with an easy way out, that we could change our lives, that we could heal ourselves, that is was that easy? We wanted to scream at them: “but you don’t know my problem, you don’t understand what I’m struggling with.” I’ve certainly been there and continue to go there. I just now have the awareness to catch myself faster in the process.

Do you realize that what we’re doing is actually giving power to our struggle? We are claiming that we are right, and there is no (easy) way. And we might have tried a million things too, and it never worked. But the minute we keep denying that it’s going to work, the minute we fight to be right, is always when we confirm our problem to be insoluble.

I’m not saying that everyone who is telling us that it’s easy or presenting a solution is necessarily right.  But what I’m saying is that we have to stop fighting for our problems. We have to stop taking the side of our past and take the side of a better future instead. It’s not about what they’re saying, it’s about us being open to receiving new ideas and inspiration.

The truth is that anything can change any minute. And the past does not determine our future unless we ask for it, unless we refuse to give it up.

The question is always: Would we really rather keep our problems and be right or are we able to get over ourselves and accept that there is a way out?

It’s can be so hard because in the back of our minds we think that there must be a purpose to our struggle, if there is actually a (easy) way out that makes us look bad for even having struggled at all. It makes us look like idiots. So we keep saying that it’s not possible.

If we want to give up our struggles the first thing we have to let go of is finding a reason to justify it.

And I’m not saying that there wasn’t a purpose and it’s not about denying our pain either. I do believe that there are things we have to face and go through in life and there can be valuable lessons in the pain, BUT we won’t even be able to see that fully until we’ve let the past go truly and fully.

It's like Elizabeth Gilbert said: "If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them."– it’s the fucking truth, wether we like it or not.

So if you attempt to try out a new idea with in the back of your mind thinking, "it’s not gonna work out anyways, it can’t possibly be that easy" or any other need to prove that your struggle is different and harder, your illness is incurable and this situation or this person can never change. Guess what happens? You’re right.

Open yourself up to embrace a new idea fully and better be ready to change your mind and get over your ego if you truly want change.

Here is the thing: What do we really ever have to lose? What is it that we or our ego is so afraid of? Would you rather be safe from being disappointed or heal your life? Would you rather be right then embracing a potentially new idea that could improve your reality?

Worst case scenario is: you fail. You feel diappointed, maybe worthless and like a failure. But it is just a feeling, it won’t kill you, what other people say won’t kill you either, but holding on to your need to be right even if you’re not happy with your current situation is really keeping you stuck. It’s madness. Of course we first have to be brutally honest with ourselves and our desires. Sugar coating and telling ourselves that we’re fine if we’re not can never move us forward. The first step is always being real and facing your problem, whatever it is.

The thing is, NOONE has ever achieved anything without transcending themselves, their ego and their fears. Real strength comes from facing our feelings and not being afraid to fail. Because you will. Inevitable. Seriously. Failure is part of the process. You can only ever win if you have failed.

You might think this is easy for me seeing what I’m doing, but trust me I too am frequently catching myself being like a sulky child or defending my problems. I have had to face disappointment for years on my journey, uncountable times and I continue to do so. And it brought a tremendous amount of pain and frustration with it every time I thought I had found a solution only to be let down again. I have failed a million times,  I can break down and cry and have my temper tantrum and in doing so facing the feelings that have been blocking me finally, and then I get up and keep going. It's not about blaming ourselves or being harsh either, it's about seeing our ego like a child that is only trying to protect you. We get to have compassion for it, to hold it and in doing so heal our wounds.

I too have had trouble embracing things that shook what I had up until that point believed to be true to the core, or things that were beyond my capacity to understand at the time. Some of these things were easier to embrace than other. Sometimes I was lucky in that I have a strong intuition that will help me go beyond myself and leap into unknown territory even when my mind wanted to tell me I’m crazy. But other times I too have had to fight myself/my old beliefs on this journey and I still do.

That’s it, I’m no different than you. It’s not always easier for me to let go or to transcend my ego. It’s always a choice to give up being right for the sake of a possible good outcome. Facing myself and my deepest darkest feelings, doubts, fears and past pain to let it go. Because letting go always means that the ego stops holding on to the struggle, stops identifying with it.

How ironic that the only way to save ourselves is to transcend ourselves, our past self that is, or our ego. 

It’s a life long journey, we constantly have to check in with ourselves. What stories are we telling ourselves when someone is offering us a solution? I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I don’t believe this is possible. Whenever we bring up these excuses, which they are to a big extend always because after all you have time and money for other things, the question is your priorities – we need to stop and pause and dig deeper and ask ourselves: what is the real reason? What are the feelings behind it that I don’t dare to face? And do I really want to let that stop me?

Only if we open up to a different outcome than the one we experienced in the past can we ever grow, change, and heal. 

The truth is that everything can change any minute – if you are open to it.


About the power to choose our beliefs

About the power to choose our beliefs

About 4,5 years ago I was at a really low point in my life. As I experienced disconnection from myself and depression, for the first time in my life I started to question everything that I had up until that point intuitively felt to be true about life. I was swinging back and forth between great light, intense joy, deep inner peace and total darkness and confusion and negative thoughts.

Self-empowerment, why the key to life is self-trust

Self-empowerment, why the key to life is self-trust

The only way to truly help someone is through empowerment. The truth is, we can never change someone else’s life, we can never heal someone else, change always has to come from within.

Yet, there are too many people trying to help others by actually disempowering them, claiming they have all the answers, they know the way, they know the solution to your problems. There are too many people trying to push what works for them onto you, and frankly, and while I’ve long been allergic to dogma and people telling me what to do, the most important reason why the idea of a universal solution is so alluring and yet so toxic didn’t quite click until now: It is highly disempowering.